The X1 voice remote.

Voice Control

Key Takeaways

Our voice control platform uses AI to interpret what customers want and deliver it in less than a second.
Customers use the voice remote to give more than a billion commands each month.

Xfinity X1 and Flex are powered by a voice platform purpose built for content discovery. The platform, via the Xfinity Voice Remote, fields 15+ billion commands per year and uses artificial intelligence to understand what our customers are saying, interpret those commands, and surface what they want, all in less than a second.

A person uses the X1 voice remote to watch TV.
X1 Voice Remote: Customers experience the ease of finding the perfect movie, or setting their thermostat, just with a few words.

This technology is seamlessly integrated into the X1 and Flex, making it easy for customers to navigate thousands of titles to find exactly what they’re looking for or discover new content by simply mentioning a genre or a favorite actor. For people with visual disabilities, the Xfinity Voice Remote, combined with the Talking Guide, eliminates barriers to enjoying their favorite content. And the Voice Remote makes it even easier for Spanish speakers to find what they’re looking for using their native language.

An X1 voice remote on a table

Our voice control system recognizes thousands of common commands including:

  • Changing the channel: "Watch ESPN"
  • Searching for movies or shows: "The Walking Dead"
  • Browsing On Demand and streaming content: "Kids movies"
  • Setting a recording: "Record Saturday Night Live"
  • Finding sports teams, games and events: "When do the Phillies play?"
  • Getting recommendations or seeing what’s popular on TV right now: "What’s trending?"

We’re adding new commands and functionality all the time. We’ve just scratched the surface of what voice can do, and we’re excited for what’s next.