A sketch of an XiOne device.

Comcast Global Technology Platform

Comcast’s global technology platform is the engine behind our entertainment and connectivity products. The platform seamlessly integrates several systems that combines voice search, discovery, apps and interactive features to deliver intuitive, delightful experiences for our customers.


Comcast broadband and streaming devices running on this state-of-the-art platform


Nearly 5 billion streams on our entertainment platform per week


Nearly a billion devices connected to Comcast WiFi in the past 6 months


75B Voice commands to date in 5 languages - 40 million voice commands a day

Our global technology platform enables our engineers to seamlessly build and deliver innovative products and unique features that connect, protect and entertain millions of people to the moments that matter.

A Sky Glass TV.


Comcast’s global technology platform powers its growing portfolio of entertainment experiences, including Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex, Sky Q, Sky Glass and XClass TV. The platform’s technology uniquely integrates streaming, on demand, broadcast, and linear networks in one place under unified voice search, discovery, apps and interactive features.

An Advanced Gateway and a laptop


Connectivity that goes beyond speed – from gigabit+ Internet, wall-to-wall WiFi coverage in the home, and WiFi security and control. Nearly 1 billion devices connected to Comcast WiFi technology in the past six months and as many as 100 million devices connect to xFi Pods each day in North America and Europe.

An XiOne box and remote.

Syndication Partners

Comcast’s entertainment experiences and connectivity products and services are syndicated to companies throughout North America, including Cox, Rogers, Shaw, Videotron and our recently announced Sky Glass TV will be syndicated with Foxtel in Australia as we continue to scale our platform to reach new audiences and territories.

Computer and laptops on desk.

Software Partners

Over 500 partners around the world use the open-source software we’ve helped to develop to power entertainment and connectivity devices. We look forward to continued collaboration with existing and new manufacturing, distribution and syndication partners to build incredible connectivity and entertainment experiences for everyone.

Our engineering teams are focused on transforming what’s possible in entertainment and connectivity.  They work together to create the platforms, hardware and software that enable Comcast to quickly deploy incredible new products, apps and experiences to our customers and our syndication partners around the world.

Many cords plugged into a server.

Our Network

Learn more about how our engineers are continually innovating our network technology - increasing network reliability and taking the next steps toward 10G deployment.