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Connectivity & Platforms

Through Xfinity, Comcast Business, and Sky, we deliver world-class broadband, mobile, and entertainment delighting customers with experiences and technology that powers the future.


Xfinity is the largest Internet provider in the U.S.


A leader in business technology, Comcast Business is approaching $10 billion in annual revenue.


Sky Broadband is a leading Internet provider in the U.K., and Sky Mobile is the fastest growing wireless provider.

Sky provides exceptional connectivity services to millions of customers across Europe through Sky Broadband, the U.K.’s top-performing broadband provider; Sky Mobile; and Sky Business.

The Sky Broadband logo.
Sky Broadband is the second largest residential provider in the U.K., delivering connectivity services to millions of customers.
The Sky Mobile logo.
Sky Mobile is the fastest-growing mobile provider in the U.K., with more than three million lines.
The Sky Business logo.
Sky Business extends Sky’s best-in-class broadband services and purpose-built products to businesses in Europe.
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Our Network

Learn more about how our engineers are constantly innovating the Xfinity Network to make it smarter, faster, and more reliable.

Comcast’s entertainment experiences are built on a global technology platform, enabling features like voice search and seamless content discovery to reach our customers across Xfinity, Sky and Xumo, as well as to a growing portfolio of syndication partners including Cox, Charter, Rogers and Foxtel.

Entertainment Operating System

The culmination of decades of innovation across Comcast and Sky, Entertainment OS is the newest entertainment experience from Comcast that makes it easy for customers to find and watch the content they love. It combines the best of Comcast’s global technology platform, including Sky’s intuitive UI technology, Xfinity’s award-winning voice navigation, and a robust metadata platform into one scalable experience.

Entertainment OS is the future of Comcast’s entertainment products. It is currently powering a growing collection of Sky, Xfinity and Xumo devices, with plans to scale it across our entire entertainment portfolio in the future.


Comcast broadband and streaming devices running on this state-of-the-art platform.


Nearly 5B streams on our entertainment platform per week.


Nearly a billion devices connected to Comcast WiFi in the past 6 months


Voice commands to date in 5 languages - 50 million voice commands a day.

Our engineering teams are focused on transforming what’s possible in entertainment and connectivity. We create platforms, hardware, and software that enable us to quickly deploy incredible new products, apps, and experiences to our customers and to all of our syndication partners around the world.

Charter Communications, Rogers, Cox, Shaw, Foxtel, and Videotron logos.