I want to make sure our customers have the facts about their Internet service with all the recent news about an open Internet and net neutrality.  Nothing about Comcast’s broadband service changes as the FCC’s recent net neutrality order goes into effect today.  Your Comcast service isn’t different today. And it won’t be different tomorrow.

We still don’t and won’t block, throttle or discriminate against lawful content.  We’re still not creating fast lanes. We still don’t have plans to enter into any so-called paid prioritization agreements.

We’ve made our policies even more clear and transparent for customers. You can find our new Xfinity Internet Broadband Disclosures here. They are consistent with the new FCC rules.  Our network practices, performance characteristics, and commercial terms are all clearly laid out.

What do these regulatory changes mean for our customers?  These commitments are legally enforceable by the Federal Trade Commission - so they aren't "voluntary" commitments. They are binding commitments that can and should be enforced by regulatory authorities.

Comcast has long supported principles of net neutrality.  We strongly supported the FCC’s first set of rules on these issues way back on 2010.  Unfortunately, the past eight years have seen regulatory ping pong and endless court cases on these issues.  We continue to believe the best way to ensure lasting net neutrality rules that protect consumers and promote investment is for Congress to enact legislation.

I’ve said before (a couple of times) that there are better ways to guarantee net neutrality than classifying all broadband businesses under Title II public utility regulations really designed for the 1930s.  Today’s new regulatory model just changes the Internet back to how it was treated for most of the past two decades, when all of the things we love about the Internet were created.

In the meantime, our customers can keep enjoying more WiFi hotspots, increasing speeds (over 90% of our customers can now get 1 gig of speeds), and other enhancements that complement our broadband service like xFi, in the same way they always have – by accessing any website, using any application, watching any video they want.