This spring, I made a promise that Comcast customers will enjoy strong net neutrality protections, both then and in the future, regardless of any action taken by the FCC.  Today, as the FCC circulates its draft Open Internet order, I want to reaffirm that promise.   

Comcast does not and will not block, throttle, or discriminate against lawful content. We will continue to make sure that our policies are clear for consumers and we will not change our commitment to these principles.  That is how we run our Internet business and it is a key part of our core network and business practices. 

As my colleague David Cohen said today, we will review the details of the FCC’s draft order but we are encouraged by the elimination of the outdated Title II regime. As I previously said "there are better ways to guarantee net neutrality than classifying all broadband businesses under Title II public utility regulations." The FCC’s proposal to regulate broadband as an information service – changing the Internet back to how it was treated for most of the past two decades – does not end an open Internet.  It does not change Comcast’s customer protections. In fact, the FCC proposes to require us to continue to keep customers clearly informed on our net neutrality practices.  

Comcast will continue to support net neutrality protections for our customers.