Whether you are a Comcast customer or just an interested observer, you may be hearing a lot about net neutrality and openness of the Internet. Let me be clear. Comcast supports strong, legally enforceable net neutrality protections that ensure a free and Open Internet for all of our customers. Our customers expect that we will protect their right to enjoy an Open Internet and that is exactly what we do, every day.

Here is what we stand for when we say we believe in an Open Internet. We do not block, slow down, or discriminate against lawful content. And we believe in full transparency...you’ll know what our customer policies are.

Animated GIF of Comcast's net neutrality policies

This is how we run our Internet business. Our network and business practices are in complete alignment with these protections. That will remain true, even if the FCC reverses public utility regulation of our broadband network.

As our Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts made clear today, as well as my colleague David Cohen explains in a blog post today, Title II and net neutrality are two different things. You can absolutely be for net neutrality, which we are, but against using outdated utility regulation to do it. There are better ways to guarantee net neutrality than classifying all broadband businesses under Title II public utility regulations.

Comcast supports and will fight for sustainable and legally enforceable net neutrality protections for our customers. On behalf of our company, I want our customers to know that we will deliver on our commitment to protect their expectation and desire for an Open Internet.