Since we launched Xfinity X1, we’ve been focused on delivering a more immersive and technologically advanced viewing experience for sports fans. And for marquis events like the Winter Olympics, March Madness and now the World Cup™, we have a unique opportunity to put a spotlight on the breadth and depth of our video platform’s capabilities and the innovation that makes it a premiere destination for sports viewing. Here are just a few soccer-related features we’re excited about:

Fans are quickly pulling up real-time scores, standings and team comparisons with just the sound of their voice using the X1 remote; saying “World Cup™ Standings,” “Mexico vs. Germany,” or “Mexíco contra Alemania” and quickly seeing a result without missing the action. These commands are available in English or Spanish.

Screenshot of the World Cup Standings hub on X1.

These voice capabilities complement and extend the existing capability of our X1 sports app, a feature that has evolved through the ingestion of more data and deeper stats to now include every major sport. For the World Cup™, customers are diving deeper than they ever could before, making X1 the best place for soccer fans to experience every moment. For example:

  • Before the match, customers are seeing how the teams stack up against each other in key statistical areas such as goals per match, conceded goals per match and shooting accuracy. They are also taking a closer look at the players and discovering who’s leading each team in goals, assists and touches.
  • During the match as stats get updated in real-time, customers are following the play-by-play via a detailed match flow, seeing a map updated after every shot, shots on goals and blocks, and even exploring key stats of each player to see how they’re performing in this specific match.
  • Post-game, customers are getting a comprehensive look back on overall performance on both the teams and players, seeing a play-by-play recap, and even directly launching into the full match replay on Xfinity on Demand.   

Events like the World Cup™ also showcase some of the ways sports fans are personalizing their viewing experience on X1 – especially those devoted to a specific team or country. For the first time, customers are able to set alerts directly on their TV so they can be notified (either on TV or on their mobile device) when their favorite team is about to play and be taken directly to the action.

While the World Cup™ only comes around every four years, we are continually building new features and enhancing sports on X1 - across all major sports - giving our customers access to the best viewing experience every day.