The Xfinity 10G Network is being built to deliver an exceptional Internet experience, ubiquitously, to consumers across all the markets we serve that is fast and reliable, with low latency. It is a culmination of years of research, technological breakthroughs and massive investments - more than $20 billion since 2018 alone - in development and infrastructure.

The result of these efforts is a connectivity platform based on technologies that can meet the performance requirements of consumers today and well into the future as innovation pushes their experiences to new heights and the demand for connectivity further expands.

Innovation - Leading the Industry in Network Deployment

Comcast has led the industry in deploying foundational technologies that will bring about faster speeds, greater reliability, and lower latency in existing networks, including DAA and a vCMTS that earned our team an Emmy® Award for Technology & Engineering. Before the end of 2023, we will be the first to deploy the next generation of cable data delivery, DOCSIS 4.0.

Speed - Gigabit Pro is now a 10 Gbps Symmetrical Product

These efforts have enabled us to undertake the nation’s largest and fastest multi-gig rollout and will allow us to deliver symmetrical multi-gig speed over the connections already in tens of millions of homes. While that is over HFC, our network is architected to give us options to deliver a great experience over both HFC and fiber-to-the-home technologies. For our customers who are on the bleeding edge of tech adoption, we recently increased the speeds of our symmetrical FTTH service, Gigabit Pro, to 10Gbps/10Gbps, and that is available in all the markets we serve.

Reliability - Our Technology is Keeping Customers Connected

While Internet speeds are the feature that many consumers associate most with their Internet service, reliability is arguably as important, if not more. We are utilizing smart tech like Comcast Octave and Xfinity Fiber Meter (XMF), both developed internally by Comcast engineers, to optimize network performance and proactively identify and, in some cases, repair network impairments that impact customers’ services. In the coming weeks, we will introduce a new WiFi device that includes a battery and cellular backup to help to ensure connectivity doesn’t go down even in the event of a network or power outage.

Low Latency - Leveraging Industry Standards for a more Responsive Connection

In addition to enhanced reliability, we’re making upgrades to our network that reduce latency and create better video communications, gaming, and VR experiences. We have already implemented the latest Active Queue Management (“AQM”) system nationally, and in 2023, we plan to implement the latest CableLabs low latency DOCSIS (LLD) specification.

Ubiquity – Services Everywhere

The developments we have made and continue to make to our networks will bring speed, reliability, and lower latency to virtually all of the homes and businesses we serve, not just the few. 

The Xfinity 10G Network leverages a combination of internally developed Comcast technology and industry best practices to deliver a connectivity experience that is fast, reliable, and more responsive. It is a significant step forward in Internet technology that our customers can rely on for years to come as their needs continue to evolve and grow.

Elad Nafshi is Chief Network Officer for Comcast Cable.