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Introducing Our New Data Plans: More Data. Lower Prices.

Read the November 2020 update on our nationwide data plan.

Today, we’re introducing new data plans with more data, lower prices, and better packages. Here are the facts:

  • All customers will start with a zero data balance regardless of previous usage
  • No data overage charges until August or September, depending on billing cycles
  • Every customer automatically gets 200GB more data immediately included in all plans
  • About 95 percent of customers do not reach new 1.2 TB data plan, even with COVID usage
  • All customers on Unlimited Data plans received proactive credits for the past four months
  • Unlimited Data customers who lease our gateway will see their monthly charge for unlimited data drop from $50 to $11 with xFi Complete
  • Unlimited Data customers who own their own gateway will see automatic monthly price reductions of 40 percent from $50 to $30
  • Nation’s largest network of public WiFi hotspots remain open for free for anyone through 2020


Increasing our data plan from 1 TB to 1.2 TB. That is a massive amount of data to stream, game, videoconference, and more.


About 95 percent of our customers use less than 1.2 TB every month – that’s even with COVID-level usage.


Savings for some customers on our new unlimited plans.

We have worked hard to keep all our customers connected during the coronavirus pandemic and will continue to do so by offering extended payment options and adjusting services and packages to meet customers’ budgets. We recently announced that we are keeping our 1.5 million public Xfinity WiFi hotspots open for free to anyone who needs to use them, including non-customers, through the end of 2020. We are also continuing to provide 60 days of free Internet service to new, eligible Internet Essentials customers, also through the end of 2020.

To help support our Internet customers during these past four months, we gave everyone free unlimited data and proactively credited all customers who subscribed to unlimited plans. We’re increasing our data plans to 1.2 terabytes each month and lowering our prices. This is so much data that about 95 percent of our customers won’t use it all. For those who do, we’re proactively lowering the price of our unlimited data plans.

Starting this month, here are the key elements of these new plans:

More Data

We are increasing our data plan to include 200 GB more data a month, bringing our data threshold for Xfinity Internet customers to 1.2 TB from 1 TB.

  • 1.2 TB is a massive amount of data. Enough to stream about 500 hours of HD video, play more than 34,000 hours of online games, stream more than 21,000 hours of music, or videoconference for close to 3,500 hours in a month.
  • About 95 percent of our customers use less than 1.2 TB every month – that’s even with COVID-level usage when most Americans were working and learning from home – which means that 95 percent of our customers will not be impacted.

Explanation of 1.2 TB of data usage

Lower Prices and Better Packages

For the roughly five percent of our customers who use more than 1.2 TB in a month, we’re lowering the price of unlimited data so every customer who wants it will either pay less than or the same as they were paying for unlimited data before the start of the pandemic, and fewer people will need unlimited plans with our higher threshold.

  • We’ve introduced “xFi Complete,” which includes unlimited data, an xFi gateway, wall-to-wall WiFi, and our advanced cybersecurity service that protects connected devices from cyber threats and malware – all for $11 per month when you lease an xFi compatible gateway – compared with $50 per month for the prior unlimited plan.
  • xFi Complete is available to customers at any speed tier, whereas previously unlimited data options were only available to customers who subscribed to 300 Mbps or higher.
  • xFi Complete customers also have access to xFi, a simple, digital dashboard for customers to set up and manage their home WiFi networks and see what devices are connected, set parental controls, get notifications about activities on the home network, and even pause WiFi access to certain devices during dinner or bedtime.
  • For customers who don’t lease our gateway but subscribe to unlimited data, we are proactively reducing their bill from $50 to $30 – a savings of 40 percent.
  • We’ve zeroed out everyone’s data usage from pre-COVID and added a month grace period so anyone that goes over 1.2 TB – but doesn’t subscribe to unlimited – won’t see an overage charge until August or September depending on their billing cycle.
  • Customers can check their data usage anytime on the My Account usage meter. We’ll also notify customers when they hit 75 percent, 90 percent, and 100 percent of their allotted data usage via text message and our mobile app.

Our data plans are based on a principle of fairness. Those who use the most Internet data, and, in turn, generate the greatest demand for greater network development and expansion – such as the 5 percent of our residential customers that make up more than 20 percent of our network usage – should pay more, but even these heaviest users can now subscribe to a number of unlimited options for less money.

At Comcast, we double the capacity of our network every 18-24 months and have invested more than $12B since 2017 to support the rapid increase in usage particularly by our super user customers. We will continue to make significant investments in our network so that all our customers have all the speed and capacity they need – whether they use 500 GBs or subscribe to unlimited.

By moving to 1.2 TB and giving all our customers 200 more GBs of data, and by proactively lowering prices and offering better packages, we are providing greater flexibility, value, and choice to our customers. And as our customers’ use of the Internet grows, we will continue to evaluate the pricing and packaging of our services to ensure we are meeting their needs.