A young student teaching a senior how to use a smartphone.
Digital Equity

Digital Navigators: Bridging the Digital and Generational Divide

Key Takeaways

Digital Navigators are critical to helping close the digital divide. A Boston Consulting Group study found more than 65% of survey participants gained access to home Internet or a device thanks to a Digital Navigator.
To demonstrate the impact of these essential change agents, Comcast enlisted teens from a Boys & Girls Club in Detroit to act as Digital Navigators and help local seniors use the Internet more confidently.
Comcast is investing in community-based, Digital Navigator and broadband adoption programs across the country through Project UP.

The Age of Connectivity

The Internet connects us to the people and things we love. But, according to a study from the Pew Research Center, Internet users over age 65 are the least likely group to be online. Seniors face unique barriers when it comes to getting online and using new technology due to a digital skills gap. They are also more likely to say they need help learning how to properly use new devices.

In ‘The Age of Connectivity,’ Comcast brought together two generations and two Lift Zones – community centers which provide free WiFi access and digital resources. The goal was to help seniors feel more comfortable accessing the Internet and discover its unlimited possibilities. Teens from the Boys & Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan acted as Digital Navigators to help members of St. Patrick Senior Center get online more confidently– because who knows how to navigate the digital world better than teenagers?

The teens taught the seniors various digital skills – from surfing the web and creating an email account to ordering groceries online and making video calls with friends and family. They also shared some of their favorite social media apps and helped the seniors create their very first TikTok video. Follow their journey as they put their new skills into practice on the Senior Center’s new TikTok account.

For seniors, this is probably on a bucket list they didn't even know they had. And, Comcast helped provide that opportunity and we'll be forever grateful.
SaTrice Coleman-Betts
Executive Director of St. Patrick Senior Center

The Impact of Digital Navigators

Digital Navigators – individuals who are trained to help get more people connected – make a clear, measurable impact in helping to close the digital divide. In fact, a recent Boston Consulting Group survey found that thanks to the support of digital navigators:


More than 65 percent of respondents obtained Internet access or a computer or tablet at home.


More than 85 percent used the Internet more frequently.


Nearly 50 percent obtained better healthcare.


1 in 3 found a new job or earned a higher income.

Through Project UP, Comcast is investing in community-based programs to support and expand Digital Navigator and broadband adoption efforts in cities and states across the country.

A young student does schoolwork at a Lift Zone.

Project UP

Project UP is our comprehensive initiative to advance digital equity and help build a future of unlimited possibilities.