The J.D. Power Award for Professionally Monitored Home Security System for Customer Satisfaction.

Xfinity Home Takes Top Spot in Latest J.D. Power Rankings

Philadelphia, PA

Xfinity’s two professionally monitored home security offerings, Pro Protection and Pro Protection Plus has been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power.

When it comes to home security, people want a simple-to-use system that gives them the peace of mind that the people, places, and pets they care about are safe. That’s why Xfinity Home was just named America’s #1 professionally monitored home security system for customer satisfaction by J.D. Power1. Xfinity’s Pro Protection and Pro Protection Plus each offer 24/7 professional monitoring, fast response times, and a professionally-installed home security system starting at only $30 a month.

“Xfinity Home was designed from the ground up with customer satisfaction in mind,” said Emily Waldorf, Senior Vice President, Consumer Internet Services, Comcast. “Xfinity Home utilizes equipment designed in-house by Comcast while seamlessly incorporating smart devices customers may already have in their homes, creating a personalized home security system. And with plans starting at only $30 a month, Xfinity Home is one of the most affordable full-service security products on the market – backed by the reliability you expect from Comcast. We’re happy to see all this has resonated with our customers, and that they rated us #1 in satisfaction.”

CNET has also named Xfinity’s Pro Protection and Pro Protection Plus as the best home security system in the US for five years running. Pro Protection and Pro Protection Plus customers can monitor activity in their home and control their system on their TV with the Xfinity Voice Remote or through the Xfinity Home app. Best of all, customers can sign up for Pro Protection and Pro Protection Plus with no term contracts.

Pro Protection and Pro Protection Plus also keep you connected during a power outage with the Xfinity Home touchscreen – the Xfinity Home control center that offers simple touch navigation and an easy-to-use interface. The Xfinity Home touchscreen comes with a 24-hour battery backup and LTE connectivity that keeps your security system online and connected even when the power is out.

Consumers who don’t require professional monitoring and prefer a DIY solution to home security can subscribe to Xfinity’s Self Protection offering starting at $10 a month. According to Omdia Tech Research, the rate of self-installed security systems has been steadily increasing since 2017, pointing to a need for a do-it-yourself option in today’s home security market. Xfinity is responding to this need by developing new ways of protecting the home, including our new the Xfinity Door and Window Sensor and the Xfinity Motion Sensor. Self Protection customers can build their own security system using both Xfinity equipment and third-party smart home devices.

1 Xfinity Home received the highest score in a tie in the J.D. Power 2023 Home Security Satisfaction Study, which measures customers’ satisfaction with professionally monitored home security solutions. Visit for more details.