A pair of Xfinity sensors mounted on a door and in a door frame.

Demand for DIY Home Security is Growing and Xfinity is Offering New Products That Put Customers in Control

Philadelphia, PA

According to Omdia Tech Research, the rate of self-installed security systems has been steadily increasing since 2017, pointing to a need for a do-it-yourself option in today’s home security market.

Responding to the increase in consumer demand, today Xfinity announced two new do-it-yourself (DIY) security products – the Xfinity Door and Window Sensor and the Xfinity Motion Sensor – that are perfect for customers looking for customizable, DIY home monitoring products. The new sensors can be installed, activated, and connected over WiFi in minutes, and join Xfinity’s extensive line of home monitoring products, including Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, Video Doorbell, and Smart Thermostat.

Xfinity’s new sensors offer customers the ability to customize their experience through the Xfinity app, where they can add and pair as many sensors as they need, turn monitoring on and off, and set rules for real-time alerts when doors and windows are opened or if motion is detected. The motion sensors can detect the difference between people and pets, meaning animals won’t trigger a false warning. They complement Xfinity’s Self Protection product, which allows customers to leverage sensors, cameras, and other smart home technology to keep an eye on and secure their home from wherever they are, all for just $10 per month.

“Our customers have told us they’re looking for a simple, affordable home security option that they can tailor to meet their unique home protection needs,” said Emily Waldorf, Senior Vice President, Consumer Internet Services, Comcast.

Xfinity’s new sensors, coupled with our Self Protection service, can help people achieve peace of mind without breaking the bank.
Emily Waldorf
Senior Vice President, Consumer Internet Services, Comcast

Customers can purchase the new sensors by calling 1-800-Xfinity or by visiting their nearest Xfinity store. An option to buy these products online and via the Xfinity app will be available in the coming months. As always, customers can purchase Self Protection service online, on the phone, or in store.

Xfinity customers looking for a total security solution can sign up for Xfinity’s Pro Protection or Pro Protection Plus. Named #1 in Customer Satisfaction for professionally monitored home security systems by J.D. Power1, Pro Protection and Pro Protection Plus offer 24/7 professional monitoring and a personalized home security system starting at only $30 a month.

1 Xfinity Home received the highest score in a tie in the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Home Security Satisfaction Study, which measures customers’ satisfaction with professionally monitored home security solutions. Visit jdpower.com/awards for more details.