An Xfinity Internet customer uses the xFi Advanced Security app on his phone in the park.
Cyber Security

Comcast Introduces Cybersecurity Protection on the Go and Tech Upgrade Program for Xfinity Internet Customers

Today, Comcast announced new features added to its unbeatable Xfinity Internet services adding more value for customers beyond fast speeds, best WiFi and unprecedented control.

Expanding upon the capability of xFi Advanced Security, which has blocked billions of cyber threats from attacking customer devices in the home, xFi Complete customers will now also receive cybersecurity protection for their mobile devices outside of the home at no additional cost.  The new feature also adds VPN encryption when connecting to unsecured WiFi.

An Xfinity Internet customer uses the xFi Advanced Security app.

Additionally, xFi Complete customers will be eligible for a new Tech upgrade program that will offer customers a more advanced xFi Advanced Gateway every three years. The Tech upgrade program will help consumers to regularly have access to improved WiFi technology in their homes to power the growing number of connected devices that have skyrocketed 12X over the past three years alone. Both features began rolling out today and are available for Xfinity Internet customers who use an Xfinity Advanced Gateway and subscribe to xFi Complete.

“Our unbeatable Internet service just got even better with cybersecurity protection anytime and anywhere you are connected, plus a new tech upgrade program that gives our customers to access to improved WiFi technology helping to deliver an even better connectivity experience,” said Matthew Ecker, VP, Internet & Xfinity Home, Comcast Cable. “Xfinity customers have access to the fastest speeds, personalized WiFi controls and the best WiFi tech anywhere, and these new features will take xFi Complete customers’ service to the next level.”

Since Comcast introduced xFi Advanced Security free to all customers who lease a gateway from Xfinity in 2020, the feature has blocked billions of cybersecurity threats like targeted network attacks and malware from attacking customer devices in the home. With xFi Complete, customers can now extend the xFi Advanced Security safe browsing feature to protect mobile phones from malicious cyber threats as they surf the web from their device outside of the home. The feature also provides an Encrypted VPN that automatically turns on to protect customers when connecting over unsecured WiFi. All customers need to do is enable the feature in the Xfinity app on each mobile device they’d like protected.

In addition, xFi Complete customers will be offered the opportunity to obtain an upgraded xFi Advanced Gateway after three years through the new Xfinity Tech Upgrade program.  Comcast continues to make the latest advancement in WiFi technology available to customers today, so their home networks are ready for all the latest devices that hit the shelves in the future. This news comes on the heels of announcing its newest gateway, the next-generation xFi Advanced Gateway that is WiFi 6E capable and provides 3X the bandwidth to support the massive influx of connected devices used by consumers today and can support the speeds of the future – including symmetrical Gigabit speed.

xFi Complete is $25 per month and in addition to these two new features includes an xFi Advanced Gateway, unlimited data in the home, xFi parental controls and WiFi management capabilities, and wall-to-wall WiFi coverage through a free xFi Pod WiFi extender for homes that qualify. To learn more and sign-up, visit