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Discover what Emily, a little girl who is blind, sees when she watches hers – The Wizard of Oz™. Now with the first talking guide from XFINITY, millions of people like Emily can enjoy the magic of TV shows and movies independently. Explore Emily's Oz here.

Emily’s story perfectly captures the reason we work so hard on developing accessible products and services: we want to create opportunities for people who love film and television, but who might not have the opportunity to experience it to its fullest. Read more here.

Comcast has partnered with centers for the blind, veteran organizations and long-term care facilities to introduce new technology to more people. The "talking guide" reads aloud channel names, show titles and DVR commands; a national commercial called "Emily's Oz" is set to air during the Academy Awards. Read more here

On Nov. 12, Comcast announced the industry’s first voice-enabled television user interface, a solution that will revolutionize the way its Xfinity TV customers, especially those who are blind or visually impaired, navigate the X1 platform. Read more here.

Tom Wlodkowski, Vice President of Accessibility, Comcast Cable, discusses how Comcast is leading the industry in accessible technologies, such as X1's Talking Guide. Read more here.

The "talking guide" features a female voice that reads aloud selections, such as program titles, network names and time slots, as well as DVR and On Demand settings. Enabling the enhancement is simple. Read how to activate the Talking Guide.

Accessibility is the measure of how effectively people with disabilities can interact with content and services we offer. Comcast is committed to making all of its products and services accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities. Here is how we are connecting customers with those rich experiences.

Our mission is to make products accessible to the widest possible audience. Through innovation, we are committed to enriching the customer experience for all users. That's why we've included people with disabilities in product design and development, partnering with disability community thought leaders, while conducting customer research, usability reviews and forging industry partnerships. Here is a look at our slate of accessible products to date.

The talking guide will change the way people enjoy television. But like many product features, the road from concept to development was an interesting journey rout with unexpected turns. Read about the road to the talking guide here.