How We Connect Disabled Customers to Rich Experiences

Accessibility is the measure of how effectively people with disabilities can interact with content and services we offer. Comcast is committed to making all of its products and services accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities. Here’s how we’re connecting customers with those rich experiences.

Comcast Labs Accessibility Lab

  • Designed to foster inspiration and innovation, The Comcast Accessibility Lab is a place to learn about and explore current and future accessible XFINITY® products and discover the many different ways in which our customers get the most out of our services. This includes leading-edge XFINITY® solutions such as Cable TV’s first talking program guide, voice control, accessible XFINITY® mobile apps and improved access to closed captioning. The Lab also features an array of third party assistive technologies that enable customers to enjoy our products independently, like screen readers, assisted listening devices, and eye tracking solutions. 

Accessibility Center of Excellence

  • In October of 2013, Comcast launched the Accessibility Center of Excellence in response to Voice of the Customer data. Customers who rely on key services—like closed captioning and video description—can reach a team dedicated to resolving issues of importance to our customers with disabilities. Customers can reach the center between 9 AM and 10 PM (Eastern Time), seven days a week by calling 855-270-0379, emailing mailto:accessibility@comcast.com or via chat at comcastsupport.com/accessibility.

  • Comcast has updated online help and support resources available at comcast.com/accessibility, enabling customers to find answers to common issues including video description, closed captioning, using screen readers, accessible remotes and much more.

  • Customers can now request Braille and large print XFINITY channel lineups at no charge by calling the Accessibility Center of Excellence. Comcast also offers bills in accessible formats. 

OSDA Exemptions

  • XFINITY Voice customers who are unable to use a telephone directory because of a visual or physical disability may qualify for an exemption from XFINITY Voice Directory Assistance and/or Operator Services charges.