Tom Wlodkowski, Vice President, Accessibility for Comcast Cable, touches a smart phone.

Leveling the Playing Field with Accessible Products for Everyone

Our mission is to make products accessible to the widest possible audience. Through innovation, we are committed to enriching the customer experience for all users. That's why we've included people with disabilities in product design and development, partnering with disability community thought leaders, while conducting customer research, usability reviews and forging industry partnerships. Here's a look at our slate of accessible products, including a few that are on the horizon.

Voice Features

  • The nation's first talking TV interface, Voice Guidance on the X1 Entertainment Operating System announces on-screen text and options as you use your XFINITY remote control to navigate through the X1 experience. Voice Guidance offers plenty of information to orient you as you go including hints on actions you can take, like which remote keys to use to move through the guide or on-screen menus. For customers who rely on audio feedback to interact with products and services--including customers who are blind, have low vision or who have difficulty reading–Voice Guidance brings a new level of accessibility to the XFINITY entertainment experience.
  • XR-11 Voice Control Remote: In a matter of weeks, the XR-11 remote control with voice control built in will become available to customers on our X1 platform. By pressing a button on the remote and speaking commands like "record", "show me movies about baseball", or "turn on closed captions", customers who are blind or low vision, who have limited mobility or dexterity, or who have learning disabilities can enjoy their XFINITY® TV experience with a new level of independence.
  • With video description—available on select live and DVR recorded programs— you can hear the action that’s happening on the screen. With video description enabled, you’ll hear narration in the natural pauses between the show’s dialogue that explains key visual elements of the program. The narrator will describe the scenery, the characters’ appearance, actions and facial expressions, and more.

Closed Captions

  • Enhanced closed captioning controls for readability are available across our platforms. These include font size, style, color and opacity; background color and opacity and more.
  • Comcast and NBC ensured that all Sochi 2014 Olympic Games pregame content included closed captions, as well as all online content with an announcer feed.

Mobile Apps

  • Significant accessibility improvements to XFINITY® Connect, My Account, TV Go, TV and other XFINITY® mobile apps unlock the power and convenience of XFINITY® Connect for customers who are blind or have low vision. Apps now harnesses the power of VoiceOver and Talkback, the screen reader technology built into iOS and Android devices respectively.

Ease of Access

  • X1 settings now include an Accessibility Settings dashboard where customers can quickly turn closed captions, video description and Voice Guidance on or off, adjust closed caption settings and other accessibility features.
  • Large Button Remote: Comcast offers a large-button remote to Accessibility customers upon request. The Big EZ remote is a third-party device that works with XFINITY set top boxes—Including X1—offered free of charge. This device delivers improved readability of the remote featuring large, backlit, easy-to-read keys.
  • Customers can now browse the XFINITY Shop in the Apps section of the X1 entertainment operating system. Explore Accessibility items including large button and amplified phones.