Throughout our nation’s history, women trailblazers have been breaking barriers and pushing boundaries to pave the way for future generations of women.

For those who selflessly served our country, their patriotism, sacrifices, and commitment strengthened our nation and opened doors for the next women who volunteered to protect our freedoms.

During Women’s History Month, Comcast NBCUniversal is collaborating (for the second year in a row) with the Military Women’s Memorial to capture the stories and preserve the legacies of the women who contributed to our Armed Forces.

“We are enormously grateful to Comcast NBCUniversal for its longtime support of the Military Women’s Memorial,” said Military Women’s Memorial president and retired Army Chief Warrant Officer 5 Phyllis Wilson. “Comcast NBCUniversal has made it possible for the Memorial Foundation to accomplish its important mission of honoring the service and telling the story of all 3 million of America’s military women.”

The Military Women’s Memorial Make HERstory Register is a free, one-of-a-kind repository that documents the accomplishments and experiences of the millions of women who have served our nation since the American Revolution. The register is open for all service women, veterans, and family and friends to upload their service documents, photos, and memorable experiences into the digital platform.

This year’s goal is to register 23,000 women and preserve their place in history.

Here’s one story. Cathryn O’Harra (Krakie), a Change & Leave Journeys Manager at Comcast and a U.S. Air Force veteran, recently added her story to the more than 300,000 that have already been uploaded into the register.

Having received the Bronze Star for her actions during the Afghanistan evacuation, O’Harra talked about the importance of keeping these stories alive.

“It’s important for us female veterans to take credit for our accomplishments,” O’Harra said. “We did important things in the military and worked too hard to have our stories forgotten.”

I’m proud to register my service through the Military Women’s Memorial because I want my nieces and nephews to see what we’ve done.
Cathryn O’Harra
Change & Leave Journeys Manager, Comcast and U.S. Air Force veteran

Comcast is also sponsoring the Military Women’s Memorial Women’s History Month program on March 18th featuring former Prisoner of War and Purple Heart recipient Jessica Lynch. Ms. Lynch was the first woman prisoner of war to have ever been rescued successfully.

Supporting partners like the Military Women’s Memorial demonstrates Comcast’s commitment to the military community and advancing opportunities and inclusion for women.

The company was also recently recognized as a national leader in hiring and supporting employees from the military community and fostering a “best workplace” for women.

“I’m proud and honored to be part of the one percent of Americans who served in the military,” said Vince Tsang, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion manager at NBCUniversal and U.S. Air Force reservist. “The military has challenged me with many experiences that helped me grow into a stronger woman. I’m proud to work for a company that reaffirms its commitment to the military community and sponsors the recordkeeping of all the women who served and made our nation’s military stronger.”

For some, honoring female veterans and their service illuminates Comcast’s passion for connecting and inspiring people.

I’m honored that future generations of women, and especially my family, will be able to look back and remember my story.
Sabrina Filmore
Installation and Service Manager at Comcast and U.S. Army veteran

“Every person who served our country sacrificed something and has a story that deserves to be told. It’s an amazing endeavor to be part of something so special, and it makes me so proud to work for a company that embraces the different backgrounds of its employees,” said Sabrina Filmore, an Installation and Service Manager at Comcast and a U.S. Army veteran.

Visit the Military Women’s Memorial to learn more about Women’s History Month events or how to contribute to their mission.