We want every customer interaction with us to be simple, fast and easy, whether we’re speaking to customers on the phone, helping them in their home, or connecting with them via our digital channels like My Account. Here are some of the new ways we’re keeping it simple for our customers.

When customers call us with an issue they’re seeing on their TV, it sometimes can be difficult to understand what exactly is going wrong without our employees being able to ‘see it’ themselves. We’ve now rolled out a new innovation on X1 to do exactly that! Customers can now share their TV screen with the agent they’re speaking with on the phone for easy troubleshooting, or even education.  Our agents can see what the customer sees and can also show customers how to use new features, or troubleshoot together. And, if a customer needs a system refresh, they do not even need to call us and can re-set via the My Account app.

We know our customers’ time is valuable, and we don’t want to waste it. That’s why we created a new digital tool called Tech360, developed by technicians for technicians, so they have the most up to date accurate information they need going into your home. They’ll have better insight into our customers’ history with us giving them a complete 360-degree view. In the home, they have improved diagnostic capabilities, so appointments run faster and smoother. We’re all about being respectful in the home so we can save our customers time, and this is one of the many ways we’re doing that.

We’re constantly upgrading My Account, our self-service platform available online and on iOS and Android devices, so customers can make quick simple changes on their own time. We heard from customers that they don’t want to have to call to cancel or reschedule a technician appointment. With RealTime Assist, we’re messaging customers in the channels they use most, and just this month we rolled out a new functionality that allows customers to cancel and reschedule their appointments directly in the app. It’s that easy!