The Xfinity App displayed on a mobile phone.
Customer Experience

Comcast Launches Realtime Assist, a Service Messaging Platform Now Available to All Xfinity Customers

RealTime Assist keeps customers updated on their Xfinity services through timely and personalized messages delivered wherever they are.

As part of the Comcast (CMCSA) commitment to customer service and customer experience, the company today announced the launch of RealTime Assist, a proactive and personalized service messaging platform designed to save customers time and simplify their experience. RealTime Assist provides timely service information to Xfinity customers directly to their mobile phone, their My Account app, or to their X1 screen. Since its launch, RealTime Assist has messaged over 4.5 million customers.

With RealTime Assist, customers now receive timely messages for technician appointments, equipment updates, self-install kits, network upgrades, and planned outages. Some messages include short "how-to" videos or next best steps to help customers prepare for equipment installations. These updates are delivered in the customer’s preferred channel, to their mobile phone via SMS, to their My Account app, or right to their X1 screen.

"The launch of RealTime Assist will help us fit into our customers’ lives by providing customers the right information at the right time. Customers have told us they don’t want to call us to confirm their appointment or have to ask when their new equipment will arrive, and now they don’t need to," said Piers Lingle, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience Solutions. "We are committed to creating personalized solutions that make our customers’ lives easier, and RealTime Assist does just that."

Since 2015, Comcast has invested in technology, tools, and training to ensure the customer experience is at the center of all product and service innovation. As part of this company-wide effort, Comcast is creating digital tools such as RealTime Assist, and My Account, which over 16 million customers use to manage their account.