The Red Dot Awards logo overlayed onto a collage of Xfinity products.

Comcast Red Dot Winners Bring Speed, Reliability, and Sophistication to In-Home WiFi

The Red Dot Awards are presented annually for products that show exceptional quality, functionality, and design innovation. This year’s winners break new ground in delivering multi-gigabit speeds, instant activation to internet service, and seamless backup for uninterrupted WiFi during outages.

The Xfinity Advanced Modem, a breakthrough first in unleashing DOCSIS 4.0 speeds into the home, the Multifamily Xfinity Broadband Gateway, an innovative way for property owners to provide instant access to WiFi service to new tenants, and Storm-Ready WiFi, which uses cellular backup to keep customers up and running during outages, were recognized with 2024 Red Dot Awards for blending leading-edge tech with a refined design system.

Red Dot is one of the most sought-after benchmarks of design quality, innovation, and user-experience, and this year’s winners epitomize key strengths within Comcast’s connectivity business.

Being the best at WiFi means overdelivering for the customer, with more speed, more reliability, and instant access to our service, and this year’s winners deliver on all three.
Charlie Herrin
President of the Technology, Product, Experience, Comcast

“I’m thrilled to see our Experience Design team recognized for delivering more of what customers want, inside elegant devices customers are glad to have inside their homes. We thank the Red Dot jury for recognizing our focus on WiFi, and the needs these devices meet for customers, both today and well into the future,” said Charlie Herrin, President of the Technology, Product, Experience, Comcast.

Here's a closer look at the winners:

Xfinity Advanced Modem
Xfinity Advanced Modem

The Xfinity Advanced Modem (XD4) is the world’s first to introduce residential customers to next-gen internet, delivering symmetrical, multi-gigabit speeds over existing connections. It harnesses the power of DOCSIS 4.0 and introduces Full Duplex (FDX) technology by overlaying upstream and downstream frequencies to greatly improve spectral efficiency, enabling customers to get the most out of their WiFi connection.

Its thin, compact profile and efficient thermal air handling allows it to sit comfortably on a bookshelf or be discreetly tucked away in a cabinet. In addition to its pure geometry and matte black finish, the fluted texture softens its cutting-edge nature to compliment any home décor while also enhancing durability.

The XD4 is available to customers in DOCSIS 4.0 markets.

Multifamily Xfinity Broadband Gateway
Multifamily Xfinity Broadband Gateway

The Multifamily Xfinity Broadband Gateway 1 (MXB1) is uniquely and specifically designed for the multifamily segment, the first of its kind from a U.S. ISP. Its discrete design is built to be mounted on a wall or inside of an enclosed media cabinet. The MXB1 includes a clever bracket that allows it to be mounted directly over both coax and power outlets, concealing the cables and helping the device seamlessly blend in with its surroundings.

The secure design ensures that the gateway is permanently installed, so it’s present and activated before a resident signs their lease, which eliminates the connectivity gap when moving in. Residents just scan the QR code on their MXB1 and they’re welcomed home with Xfinity service. It’s also engineered to streamline the moving out process for property owners, allowing a seamless transition to their next tenant.

The MXB1 received the highest pNPS (Product Net Promoter Score) of any Comcast product trial in history and is set to launch nationally this year.

Storm-Ready WiFi system
Storm-Ready WiFi

Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi, which launched last year, ensures uninterrupted internet access during power outages and storms. Storm-Ready WiFi automatically transitions to function as an LTE backup in the event of power loss, providing continuous connectivity. Its battery lasts up to four hours, effectively covering the average duration of U.S. power outages. When not in backup mode, Storm-Ready WiFi doubles as a WiFi extender, enhancing in-home signal reach. With WiFi 6 technology, it offers faster speeds, reduced latency, and greater bandwidth for changing connectivity needs.

The form was designed to mimic ceramic stoneware, and the main plastic components of the device are made from 65% post-consumer resin, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility. Storm-Ready WiFi is an invaluable, eco-friendly tool for those facing increasing weather-related disruptions, and costs just $7 per month for the device, extended WiFi coverage, unlimited cellular data during outages, and robust battery life.

Storm-Ready WiFi is available to customers nationwide.

“We consider it a privilege when people welcome our devices, products, and services into their home,” said Mike Jou, Senior Creative Director, Comcast Experience Design. “One way we honor that is to reduce complexity from their lives.”

We place extreme consideration into making our products beautiful, easy to use, reliable, and environmentally responsible.
Mike Jou
Senior Creative Director, Comcast Experience Design