Recently at CES, Comcast announced plans to significantly expand our home automation capabilities, with the goal of making Xfinity the home operating system that integrates the best IoT devices, including all of the security and automation products our Xfinity Home customers currently enjoy. For example, through its integration with X1, Comcast’s innovative video platform, Xfinity Home allows you to do things like view your camera feeds on the largest screen in the home.

Now we’re taking the capabilities of our newly redesigned X1 voice remote to the next level by adding a series of new voice commands that will enable our Xfinity Home customers to do even more to manage their smart home devices without having to get up from the couch.

Starting today, customers can get specific about the camera they want to look at on the TV – just say “Xfinity Home, show me patio camera.” You can also use the X1 voice remote to make a certain room brighter, or dim the lights and choose a certain hue if you have the Philips Hue connected lighting system.

As you sit down to enjoy the big game this year, use these quick and easy commands so you never have to leave your couch or miss a minute of game time:

  • Xfinity Home make lights green (if you’re a Philly fan) 
  • Xfinity Home make lights red or blue (if you’re a New England fan) 
  • Xfinity Home show me front door camera (to check for your pizza delivery)

You can also say “Xfinity Home, I’m cold” to automatically adjust the thermostat a few degrees and “Xfinity Home, set downstairs thermostat to 74 degrees” to change the temperature to a more specific setting. If customers have the Nest thermostat, they can even say “Xfinity Home, set Nest to Eco mode” if they are trying to conserve energy.

Additionally, you can use the remote to ask questions, such as “Xfinity Home, is the bedroom light on?” or “Xfinity Home, what is the temperature?” or “Xfinity Home, is my alarm on?” You’ll see answers to those questions right on your TV screen without missing a minute of the big game.

Currently, six of our connected home device partners have been integrated into the X1 voice commands database, including the Zen thermostat, Caseta/Lutron lights, GE in-wall and plug-in switches and dimmers, the Nest thermostat, Philips Hue lights, and the Sengled Element Touch light bulb.

With a growing list of direct voice commands, our team is working to ensure that when our customers use their voice remote to control their smart home, their interactions are as personalized, user-friendly, and simple as possible. We won’t stop here either. We’re constantly working to expand our list of direct commands that make the most sense for our customers and can be used quickly and easily on a daily basis. For example, we’ve made changes to understand device name abbreviations (e.g. liv room) and brand name commands such as “Xfinity Home, turn off Hue lights” so that using the voice remote fits in seamlessly with your daily interactions and activities. Be sure to keep an eye out as we continue to roll out additional voice commands in the coming months.