Since we introduced it in 2015, the X1 Voice Remote has been one of our most popular products. We’ve delivered 18 million of them, and last month alone, our customers gave nearly half-a-billion voice commands. But that didn’t stop us from going back to the drawing board to see what we could do better.

The result of that work – our newly designed X1 Voice Remote – builds on what customers love about the device, combining more intuitive functionality with an award-winning design.

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The first thing you’ll notice when you pick up the new X1 Voice Remote is the position of the blue microphone button. After researching how customers hold and use the remote, our design team placed the round blue button directly where the thumb naturally rests. That button is also in the center of the remote, larger than every other button and made from a distinct material so it can be identified by touch alone.

Beyond evolving the look and feel of the voice remote – and packing it with the same technology that won its predecessor an Emmy Award – we continuously add new features and commands to support the voice experience. With the launch of the new device, there are a couple that we’re particularly excited to share.

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We know our customers like to rewind and fast-forward their on-demand or recorded movies and shows to see something again, or find a favorite scene, so we added a feature to make it easier. You can now choose to go back or forward in a show or movie by a specific amount of time. Simply say "go back 20 seconds" or "go forward 10 minutes" to get right to the moment you want to see, right away.

If you’ve ever wondered what song was playing in a movie, TV show or even a commercial, the next feature is for you. Simply ask "what song is this?" into your remote and X1 will show you the artist and title.

These are just two of many new features we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks. Other new features include a whole new range of commands for your connected home, as well as improved artificial intelligence for Spanish-language commands. These new features work on all of our voice remotes, including the newest model.

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Lastly, the remote might be new, but it has already garnered international accolades. The new voice remote was one of three product designs – along with our wireless set top box and 4k set-top box – honored with a Red Dot Design Award earlier this year.

This honor reflects the evolution of our approach to building products that are simple, attractive and elegant, and our commitment to putting customers at the center of that process.