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Xfinity Rated as the Fastest Internet Provider Inside and Outside of the Home

Collected from millions of consumer-initiated tests, Ookla’s newly released SpeedtestTM Market Index report shows that Xfinity delivered the fastest median download speeds to its Internet customers in the United States for the final quarter of 2022.

In addition to median download speeds, the report measured the fastest broadband providers across all 50 states over the same time period, with Xfinity coming out on top in more states than any other provider.

Ookla also rated Xfinity among the highest in network consistency, a measure of the reliable speeds Xfinity delivers to customers.

“We’re making our network even smarter and faster, which allows us to quickly deliver true multi-gig WiFi to tens of millions of businesses and residential consumers at an unprecedented pace,” said Charlie Herrin, President of Technology, Product, Experience at Comcast Cable.

Whatever the application, whatever the future holds, our network and world-class, whole-home WiFi experience will be there and ready to power all of our customers' connected experiences.
Charlie Herrin
President of Technology, Product, Experience at Comcast Cable

Early last year, Comcast unveiled its newest xFi Advanced Gateway capable of delivering speeds faster than a Gig speeds over WiFi and three times more capacity to connect hundreds of devices simultaneously inside the home.

Ookla also verified Xfinity Mobile the fastest-overall mobile provider in Comcast service areas. Xfinity Mobile blends WiFi and 5G connectivity seamlessly to deliver faster speeds to millions of customers every day, including access to 22 million WiFi hotspots nationwide. More than 80 percent of mobile traffic runs over WiFi.


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