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Sky Announces Its Assistant Commissioner Program

Sky unveiled its new Assistant Commissioner program, a two-year scheme designed to attract creatives from outside the traditional commissioning pool, to apply for six roles, on a full-time salary, working across Sky’s key commissioning genres – comedy, drama, arts and entertainment, factual, kids and original film.

Recognizing that senior commissioning executives, with the power to select which programs are made, are often from similar backgrounds, and with turnover low, the new scheme has been developed to bring in fresh perspectives and voices by widening the creative recruitment pool. The program forms part of Sky’s wider strategy to support diversity and inclusion in our industry and our workforce.

The very best creative talent with a wide range of skillsets from industries ranging from theater, gaming and music to script writers, producers and more will be identified and invited to apply.

To ensure Sky’s hiring panel look at recruitment through a different set of success metrics, Sky is also working with an expert on assessment criteria that’s based more around personality, situational judgement and motivation fit rather than the traditional commissioner skill set.

Zai Bennett, Managing Director of Content Sky UK and Ireland explains, “We know there has been a lot of work done to bring new voices and perspectives to commissioning, but it’s mainly been focused on entry level positions. We recognized a big gap in the market in terms of developing real skills in commissioning at a senior level which is why we are launching the Assistant Commissioner program.“
He continues, “It’s about giving people a platform who don’t already have it. This will not only bolster Sky’s creative output but it will upskill talent for the wider broadcasting industry.”

We want new voices, new experiences and new perspectives in our team to tell authentic stories that represent our wide customer base.
Zai Bennett
Managing Director of Content Sky UK and Ireland

Sky has deliberately made this a two-year program to ensure each successful applicant sees a program through from greenlight to production, experiencing all aspects of the commissioning and production process. Once hired and on the program, candidates will be supported with mentoring and dedicated development and support tools.

The Assistant Commissioner program has been funded by Sky as part of our £30 million commitment to tackle structural inequality, support diversity and inclusion, and use our voice to make a difference in communities impacted by racism. The program will go live today for internal and external candidates on the Sky Careers page. Sky welcomes applications from ethnically diverse candidates and those with disabilities where we are currently underrepresented.


In funds commited by Sky to tackle structural inequality, support D&I, and to make a difference in communities impacted by racism.