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Internet of Things

MachineQ Wins 2023 Light Reading Leading Lights Award for Outstanding IoT Use Case

Philadelphia, PA

MachineQ, a Comcast Company, was named the winner of Light Reading’s 2023 Leading Lights Award in the category of “Outstanding Use Case: IoT” for demonstrating how its temperature monitoring solution automated a routine operational task across the national footprint of a global QSR brand, helping with employee time savings, operational efficiencies, and improved food safety.

“We’re honored to be named a Light Reading Leading Lights Award winner in a highly competitive category and space – IoT,” said Steve Salata, general manager at MachineQ.

This award reflects our ongoing commitment to helping enterprises future-proof their operations with scalable IoT solutions, enabling them to start with a hero use case – like temperature monitoring – and easily scale to support additional use cases, such as asset tracking or leak detection, for higher ROI on their IoT investment.
Steve Salata
General manager at MachineQ

MachineQ's device-to-cloud temperature monitoring solution leverages the MQflex multi-sensor device and magnetic mounting bracket to help automate temperature readings inside commercial refrigerators and freezers, overcoming signal penetration and installation challenges found in retail and food services environments. The turnkey solution also included a dedicated and scalable IoT network, API integrations to visualize the data in the customer’s internal application, and deployment services. This win is the fourth in a series of awards the company has won this year for this solution.

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