Interior of a hotel room.
Internet of Things

Comcast’s MachineQ Offers New Solutions for Hospitality Industry with New Ecosystem Partners

Philadelphia, PA

MachineQ, a Comcast Company, today announced two new solutions being added to its hospitality portfolio, both powered by its IoT connectivity platform.

The solutions, focused on proactive efforts to help hoteliers better manage early water leak detection and pest control – specifically for bedbugs – leverage devices from two new UK-based providers that MachineQ is welcoming into their partnership ecosystem.

For early water leak detection, MachineQ is working with LAIIER to help accelerate adoption of its innovative Severn WLD™ offering among commercial properties in the US. The self-adhesive Severn WLD™ sensor has a flexible and discreet design, making it easy to install in tight spaces or in high-traffic, guest-facing areas, which is well suited for hotel properties. Considering water leaks are the number one source of property claims, and can negatively impact guest experiences and hotel operational costs, proactively mitigating water threats is vital for hoteliers’ bottom line.

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with MachineQ to provide an early water leak detection solution leveraging their platform,” said Matt Johnson, LAIIER Co-founder and CEO. “MachineQ already provides leading brands in the hospitality, food and beverage, and life sciences industries with scalable low-power IoT solutions, so it made natural sense to team up and offer our water leak solution to their existing customers and companies seeking innovative solutions.”

In addition to early water leak detection, MachineQ is teaming up with Spotta for early detection of bedbugs in the face of infestations costing U.S. hotels $111,000 annually per location. Spotta’s technology shows exactly when, where and what types of insects are active. Their Bed Pods fit seamlessly under mattresses in hotel rooms and provide real-time data via automated alerts which inform hotel employees of the location of the pests, complete with the room number, time data, and image. This facilitates prompt intervention, which can help a hotel reduce costly pest damage, mitigate disruption for guests, and avoid potentially irreparable harm to its brand's reputation.

“With the recent resurgence in bedbug infestations globally, our 24/7 monitoring system will enable prompt detection to help deter costly infestations, maintain guest satisfaction and by helping guard your hotel’s reputation,” said Robert Fryers, CEO, Spotta. “We’re excited to extend Spotta’s reach by entering the US with MachineQ, offering a new effective solution for the industry.”

Bryan Witkowski, head of product and strategy at MachineQ, adds, “We are proud to continue offering distinctive and scalable IoT solutions with elite partners like Spotta and LAIIER, expanding our platform’s value to customers. For hoteliers, solutions like these allow them to continue focusing on what is important for their business - delighting guests."

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