Image of a Spotta wireless Bed Pod sensor next to a phone with a bed bug detection message.
Internet of Things

Comcast’s MachineQ Teams Up with New Ecosystem Partner to Tackle Pesky Problems in Hotel Guestrooms

Philadelphia, PA

MachineQ, a Comcast Company, and Spotta are teaming up to offer an innovative solution for hoteliers to detect bedbugs before they become problematic.

This solution is much needed, especially considering the growing resurgence of hotel bedbug infestations across the globe. According to reports, these infestations cost U.S. hotels $111,000 annually per brand, which includes maintenance, treatment, lost revenue, and other expenses. This figure does not factor in the effect that an outbreak can have on a brand’s reputation, which could further increase the overall cost to the hotel.

The solution works by installing Spotta’s wireless Bed Pod sensors discreetly underneath mattresses. The traps use pheromones with no discernible odor to lure bugs in. If one is detected, it activates a camera using Spotta’s AI detection system to analyze the photo and validate that a bedbug is inside the trap. Upon detection, the image is sent with the exact time and location to the cloud using MachineQ’s network. Real-time alerts with the information captured are sent to hotel employees, allowing them to act fast and remediate before the situation can become widespread, further disruptive to hotel operations, and potentially cause irreparable harm to a brand's reputation.

“Our 24/7 monitoring solution provides hoteliers peace of mind by detecting bedbugs quickly, enabling swift action to help reduce damage and guest impact,” said Robert Fryers, CEO at Spotta. “We’re excited to partner with MachineQ to offer an innovative solution for hoteliers – leveraging their established IoT network connectivity platform – in the U.S. amidst a persistent bedbug issue.”

Bryan Witkowski, Head of Product and Strategy at MachineQ, adds, “We are proud to continue offering unique and scalable IoT solutions with partners like Spotta to expand our platform’s value to customers in hospitality. Our clients can start with bedbug monitoring and add other use cases to help manage risk, such as water leak detection and staff duress, using the same network infrastructure for a low total cost of ownership and fast deployment."

LoRaWAN® is used under license from the LoRa Alliance®.