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Comcast Technology Solutions Launches DataBee™ Platform to Enable Large Enterprises to Effectively Manage Enterprise Security, Risk, and Compliance

Philadelphia, PA

Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS) delivers Comcast technology to the world, and today announced the launch of DataBeeTM, a cloud-native data fabric for security, risk and continuous controls monitoring.

DataBee enables large enterprises to quickly perform multiple security functions, including identifying potential cybersecurity threats to help protect systems, data, and enterprise users. Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, is a strategic partner in the development and launch of DataBee, which operates on the Snowflake Data Cloud, where data is stored, processed, and analyzed.

DataBee is offered by a newly created cybersecurity business unit within CTS focused on delivering Comcast-developed enterprise-level security innovations to market. Evolved from the platform originally designed and deployed by Comcast’s cybersecurity team, DataBee was created to better operationalize and optimize security data to help improve threat responses and cybersecurity oversight. With a focus on the critical data elements that come from across the entire security data pipeline, DataBee weaves together disparate security data from various technologies and architectures into a single fabric where it is standardized, usable, and searchable for analyses, monitoring, and reporting at scale.

DataBee spans security, risk, privacy, and security controls compliance missions with use cases in advanced threat detection, threat hunting, continuous controls assurance, SIEM decoupling, behavioral analysis, and more.

The security data fabric has changed the way we do security, supporting multiple detection and compliance functions across our organization, while improving effectiveness, reducing complexity, and helping us avoid costs.
Noopur Davis
EVP, Chief Information Security and Product Privacy Officer, Comcast Cable

“For a company with an incredible amount of security data to review and analyze—roughly 10 petabytes—our platform truly advances state-of-the-art cybersecurity for Comcast, our customers, and the industry. When new threats or malware are discovered, we can now identify and act on indicators of compromise within minutes,” said Noopur Davis, EVP, Chief Information Security and Product Privacy Officer, Comcast Cable.

DataBee is now externally available for commercial use, utilizing Snowflake’s ability to remove data silos and enable DataBee’s robust analytics to achieve advanced security analysis, decisioning, response, and security controls assurance outcomes. The combination of Comcast’s and Snowflake’s technologies enable joint customers to combat threat behaviors and stay on top of compliance challenges in the continuously evolving cyber threat landscape. As a part of the Powered by Snowflake program, Comcast is able to develop, scale, and operate DataBee on Snowflake’s security data lake, delivering a differentiated product to the enterprise space.

Working with Snowflake to bring the benefits of our security data fabric to our mutual customers has enormous potential to improve cybersecurity outcomes and facilitate an open security data fabric.
Nicole Bucala
VP and GM of DataBee, Comcast

“It’s been incredible to watch the security organization at Comcast harness the power of Snowflake for their mission, at their scale,” said Omer Singer, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy, Snowflake. “With Comcast making years of development and expertise available to Snowflake customers directly in their Snowflake accounts, security data lake initiatives at many large enterprises will be dramatically accelerated.”

With DataBee, large-enterprise customers have a Comcast solution providing visibility and analysis into their cybersecurity data to combat threats and stay on top of security compliance challenges across their organizations. To learn more about DataBee visit this link. DataBee will also be demonstrated live at the CTS Suite at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, April 23-25, and executives will be on hand for meetings and demos. Meetings can be requested and scheduled here.