We're continually evolving the Xfinity TV experience to enable subscribers to access it on multiple devices and platforms — from computers to smartphones and tablets, and now for the first time, game consoles. And with each platform, Comcast has a new opportunity to reinvent how people watch TV.

That's why we're excited to be working with Microsoft to bring our Xfinity On Demand service to the Xbox 360 and continue delivering on our promise to give consumers the ability to search, find and watch the content they love in more places, on more devices. Today's video game enthusiasts don't fit the traditional stereotype anymore - they are interactive, social and on the cutting-edge of today's digital lifestyle. Bringing our On Demand content to them via the Xbox 360 gives them more ways to experience entertainment in an environment that's familiar to them.

As we move to new platforms and devices, our goal is to bring consumers even better experiences. Our team of engineers and software developers in Comcast Labs are using both IP and cloud-based technology to take full advantage of each platform — whether it's an iPad app...XfinityTV.com...our next generation Xfinity TV guide...connected TVs and now gaming consoles.

Through our partnership with Microsoft, we'll offer our customers a unique and innovative way to discover, control and experience thousands of On Demand programs from leading networks and studios, using unique features like Kinect's voice and gesture controls. And, because Xfinity TV's Xbox experience is built on a private IP platform, we can deliver a more personal and integrated, next-generation experience. The Xbox experience also is more evidence that consumers can increasingly buy devices of their choosing at retail in order to access video content from a variety of sources, including video content from their multichannel video provider.

We're planning to offer Xfinity On Demand on the Xbox 360 in the coming months. Here's an early look at the UI and navigation experience. Like everything we do now, the Xbox experience will evolve quickly as we leverage our cloud-based and private IP infrastructure that we have been investing in.