Sometimes it's the features that seem small in the grand scheme of things that add significant value and make all the difference in a customer's experience. Today we're pleased to announce a new "Previous" feature to the Apple iOS Xfinity TV app that makes it simpler for customers to discover recently-watched content — whether it's a channel they've tuned to, or content they've watched On Demand or streamed from an iPad or iPhone. It's something our Xfinity TV app users have been asking for, and is yet another way we're enabling our customers to personalize the Xfinity TV experience.

Here's how it works. You're at the airport catching up on HBO's "True Blood" on your iPad while you wait for your flight. Boarding starts, so you stop playback, close the app and get on the plane. You arrive at the hotel, settle in and can now resume watching. Previously, you'd have to search back through the Play Now catalog to find the right episode. Not the most arduous task, but time-consuming nonetheless. Now, you'll be able to simply click on Previously Played and your five most recent pieces of Play Now content will appear. Just click the content, hit resume and start watching. This same feature will also be available to access previously tuned TV channels and On-Demand content.

Available for download from the app store today, we're excited about this update for a few reasons. First, creating features that make both finding and consuming entertainment easier in today's fast-paced world has been a goal of ours since we launched the app. And I think the tremendous response we've seen — having been downloaded more than 2.6 million times — reinforces our commitment. Also, this feature will give customers more control of the Xfinity TV experience and make it more personal - helping them enjoy and discover the nearly 7,000 hours of content available for free on the app.

Check out the screenshot below to get a sense of the look and feel of the new feature. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to bringing you more exciting updates in the months to come!