If you currently have our mobile app on iPhone or iPod touch, you'll notice that today we issued version 3.0, which has some new features as well as a new look and feel. What's more, it's also seamlessly integrated with our recently launched Xfinity TV app.

The most obvious change you'll see is we're now referring to the app as Xfinity Mobile. As a customer, there is nothing new you'll need to do to get our Xfinity Mobile app; it's simply an upgrade of our existing app. The name change helps bring the app into alignment with our recent Android app.

What's new in version 3.0 of our Xfinity Mobile app?

This release has three major enhancements:

"My Account" Feature

One of the most requested new features in the app is something our customers have been asking for and we're very pleased to introduce. With the "My Account" feature, customers are now able to manage their Comcast account from any location. They can view their current account invoice, make a one-time payment or set up automatic payments. We hope this is a convenient feature that helps save time.

Optimized for iPad

Version 3.0 of the app also will use the advanced features and real estate of the larger iPad screen to display emails and voicemail, as well as other features. If you own an iPad, then you will love this update.

TV Integration

Finally, we have seamlessly integrated the Xfinity Mobile app with our Xfinity TV app. So, on the Mobile app you can focus on communications features like email, voicemail or your contacts. And with the TV app, you can access features like your TV listings, changing the channel on your TV like a remote control, browsing the On Demand library or remotely programming your DVR.

We spent a lot of time designing a user interface for each app that was more intuitive for each activity. If you don't already have both apps on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, then I encourage you to download them today. If you already have the Mobile app on your device, then you'll be prompted to update it and to download the Xfinity TV app too (if you haven't already) so you can continue to enjoy all of the same features you've come to enjoy. If you're new to either app, then once you sign-in the first time, it should be a seamless experience going forward.

The Xfinity Mobile App will continue to evolve, and will seamlessly work on other platforms (for example, it's available on our newly released Android version). Future features like streaming premium TV content are coming soon, so we're excited about what we have in the pipeline for 2011, and hope to surprise you.