You may have seen our commercials about the Comcast Customer Guarantee recently and you might be wondering what it is and why we’re doing it.

The Guarantee is a series of promises that clearly outline what you can expect from us and how we’re holding ourselves accountable to provide you with great service.

We created the Guarantee because it helps you, and it helps us, when we get things right the first time. And we’re backing this up in really tangible ways, like giving you a $20 credit if we’re late for or don’t show up for your appointment, or giving you a complimentary service if we don’t fix a problem the first time, or offering a 30-day money back guarantee on new services.

The national rollout of our Customer Guarantee is the latest step in our ongoing commitment to improve the quality and consistency of the overall customer experience – from sign-up to service visits and everything in between.

A little more than two years ago, I went on the road with some of our senior executives and had very open, face-to-face conversations about customer service-related issues with our employees and with customers just like you. The resounding feedback was that we could do better.

We’ve made some big changes to how we operate that let you know we heard you. We’re able to offer the Guarantee today because of changes like these:

  • When our technicians are at your homes for scheduled service calls, they now have the technology to check every product and service in the home before leaving. This helps them find and fix problems you might not even know you’re having, saving time and effort for everyone.
  • We’ve given handheld devices or laptops to 16,000 field technicians to help them better communicate with you and their local offices.
  • We’ve invested in our operations centers and created a new automated diagnostic troubleshooting portal called Grand Slam so we can monitor network and product performance and proactively fix issues before you’re impacted.
  • We’re also making it easier for you to communicate and do business with us, with options like online chat and a new customer account management program called CustomerCentral.
  • And our Digital Care team, led by Frank Eliason (@comcastcares), is engaging customers in new and different ways, literally seeking out and helping anyone on the Web who is talking about Comcast in blogs, online forums or on Twitter.

Sure, this sounds great but what does it really mean for you? Basically, it means as a Comcast customer, you are directly benefiting from our ongoing efforts and investments. Take a look at this comparison between January 2010 and January 2009:

  • 822,000 fewer service-related phone calls
  • 114,000 fewer service-related visits
  • 27,000 fewer repeat service calls
  • 16,500 fewer install-related service calls

While we’re encouraged by the progress we’re making, we know our work isn’t finished, which is why we’re continuing to focus on additional ways to better serve you. We interact with our customers about one million times a day. That’s a million opportunities to prove we care, we understand, and we are committed to getting it right.

So go ahead…the next time you speak with a Comcast customer representative or have a technician visit your home, ask them about the Comcast Customer Guarantee and what it means to them.