At Comcast NBCUniversal, diversity and inclusion is part of the DNA of our company. Our commitment to D&I is built into everything that we do, and has become an important part of the foundation for our innovation.

That’s why I am extremely proud that, this year, we have been recognized as one of Fortune magazine’s 50 Best Workplaces for Diversity. Our ranking of 12th marks our company's first appearance on the national list. Determined by employee feedback and the ethnic and gender composition of our workforce, this first-time honor is a reflection of the progress we’re making in the area of diversity, and the pride our employees have in the inclusive culture we have all helped to create.

On behalf of the senior leadership of the Company, I want to extend our thanks to all of our employees, who are creating new possibilities for our customers, our communities, and our company. Together, our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion will continue to foster an environment that gives everyone a voice, and celebrates our differences. When we bring all of our unique ideas together, we accelerate the pace of innovation, bringing us closer to our customers, and strengthening the communities we serve.

Our Diversity Brings Us Closer To Our Customers

There are many examples of how Comcast NBCUniversal’s diversity efforts have helped us deliver amazing products, and a customer experience that people love and trust.

For example, our Multicultural Programming team, led by Javier Garcia, has tapped the collective expertise of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to better understand our diverse customer base, and shape tailored business strategies to meet their needs. Thanks to contributions from our ERG members, we have built robust libraries of On Demand and Online content that are culturally relevant and authentic to our diverse communities.

Our product developers have also joined together with Tom Wlodkowski and the accessibility team, to make our products accessible to the widest possible audience. The award-winning X1 Talking Guide feature, video description, and Voice Remote, allow visually-impaired customers to experience our content and interact with the platform with a level of independence they never have had before. Bringing these unique perspectives together has enabled us to deliver a product experience that has opened up new possibilities for our customers with disabilities, and enhanced the experience for millions of our customers with all ranges of ability.

Our Diversity Enhances Our Communities

The work our employees do within our communities helps drive a more diverse and inclusive future for our entire Company and the customers we serve. For example, the thousands of employees who serve as Internet Essentials Ambassadors are working within our communities to bridge the digital divide and create new opportunities for millions of Americans through high-speed internet access and digital literacy programs. Because of their work, Internet Essentials has helped more than 3 million Americans gain access to high-speed internet at home over the past five years.

Our Community Investment initiatives support and empower diverse and underrepresented communities every day. From 2011 to 2015, Comcast NBCUniversal provided more than $1 billion in cash and in-kind giving, benefiting minorities and women.

Cultivating a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

We strive to cultivate an environment that celebrates our differences and enables us to exceed our collective potential through inclusion and collaboration. Several initiatives help us achieve this, including our robust ERG program, which focus on product development and support, personal and professional development and mentoring, and volunteer support within our communities. Over 18,000 employees across Comcast NBCUniversal participate in at least one of our eight ERGs.

Additionally, our monthly Employee Enrichment Series, a live internal video broadcast, helps to increase cultural awareness and inclusive behavior by educating employees about our diversity and inclusion efforts across the business through interactive discussions.

None of this is possible without our employees bringing diversity and inclusion to life in their everyday efforts. We are proud of the incredible commitment our employees have to our Company, and to our customers, and we are honored to be named one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work for Diversity by Fortune magazine.