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The Most Multicultural Content Anywhere, Anytime

With an internet-capable device, viewers can visit online portals specific to the African American, Asian-Pacific, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) and Latino communities. Each microsite features audience-specific news, blogs, and Xfinity TV programming — including award-winning movies, TV shows, celebrity interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and entertainment news featuring entertainers, artists, and historical figures.

The microsites complement the comprehensive content offerings available through Comcast’s Xfinity Video On Demand platform, where customers can access a special Multicultural folder for a wide array of culturally relevant content. 

"Multicultural programming is a key component of our diversity and inclusion strategy at Comcast," said Ruben Mendiola, Vice President and General Manager of Multicultural Video Services. "Through these efforts we hope to continue to provide our customers with a window into new cultures."

Recently, Xfinity became the recipient of 11 EMMAs (Excellence in Multicultural Marking Awards) for its work in the multicultural space, including six first-place honors for its family of microsites.

"The awards are a nice recognition that we are becoming a leading voice in multicultural," Mendiola said. Fore more on the awards announcement click here.