Today at the NCTA show, for the first time we demonstrated one of our latest innovations in delivering a personalized entertainment and communication experience to our customers — making video calls, in vivid HD, from a big-screen TV.

We announced that we've entered into a new partnership with Skype that will soon allow Comcast customers to enjoy an HD video calling experience on their home TVs, and also be able to video chat on their PCs, compatible smartphones and tablets through our Xfinity Mobile app. Customers can share with friends and family the excitement of a big game, a party or celebration, or simply have a casual conversation with loved ones as if they were sitting in the same room, even if they are miles apart.

Through this offering customers will be able to:

  • Make and receive Skype video and audio calls, or send instant messages via Skype on a television while watching their favorite TV show at the same time, and accept incoming calls during a TV show with the help of Caller ID.
  • Make and receive video and audio calls, or send instant messages via Skype on a compatible mobile phone or tablet.
  • Import friends to their address book from their Facebook, Outlook, Gmail and smartphone contact lists, find them on Skype and see when contacts are online and available to talk.