This past weekend I had my first official business trip for Comcast. I was invited to sit in the Comcast booth we set up at BlogHer’10, in New York City. Summing up the experience in one word, I would say I had a blast! Engaging with Customers face-to-face and helping them on the spot with service problems they may have been having back at home; talking to other businesses/bloggers that wanted to learn more about what Comcast is doing in social media (and were excited to tell us about their endeavors); meeting and chatting with other mommies about the families we love; oh, and let’s not forget the unbelievable amount of swag I got for me and the team; it was educational, exhilarating, inspiring, and an all around fun time.

I talked shop and social media with folks like Mary J. Colvig of Mozilla (who also blogs at and Rick Calvert, CEO & Co-founder of I met with bloggers like Kelli ( and Suebob (, chatting away about the great event and the joy of blogging.

Sitting on my chair that was a bit too tall for someone my size to be very comfortable on (and to be fair, I’ll say that if the chair were shorter, no one would have been able to see me over the desk!), I was in awe of all the people and all the companies that came out to support each other and support these women as they tell their stories and carry out their missions in the unending space we call the Internet. It made me feel good to know that I play a part in all that.

As people stopped by our booth to fill out the survey and get a chance to win an iPad, we asked, Do you have Comcast? Do you like your Comcast? Overwhelmingly, the response was, Yes, I love my Comcast. Now, I would never lie and say that they ALL raved about how great we are, but for those that didn’t @ComcastMelissa was there to the rescue. I was able to address their billing concerns, help remotely get their modems activated and even schedule service calls on the spot for some Customers that were having trouble. One of the mommy bloggers actually said that if I could get her service problem fixed, I would "make" BlogHer’10 for her (and for those of you that don’t know me and have to ask, OF COURSE I fixed the problem).

So thanks Comcast for sending me on this great adventure. Thanks to organizers of BlogHer’10 and The Hilton New York for the generous hospitality. Thanks to all my market contacts that are always there to help me help our customers. And thanks to all the ladies (and the few men in attendance) that taught me a bit more about the business and a little more about myself!