In my first blog post, I said I wanted to focus on your questions & thoughts about our Business Class products & services. Thanks to Jeff for his response… I’d really like to hear from other customers as well!

With my second blog post, I’m going to deviate from my focus on your questions for a moment to note a great accomplishment.

Microsoft recently named Comcast their 2009 Communications Sector Partner of the Year. I had the pleasure of going to New Orleans last week to accept the award at their annual conference.

This award is granted based on delivering new and innovative features based on Microsoft products and was given to Comcast for our very successful inclusion of Hosted Microsoft Communications Services in our Business Class Internet solutions. Many of you have activated this service with us. (For existing customers who haven’t activated, please visit to learn more and activate your free services.)

I’d like to take a little blog space here to say "Thank You", not only to Microsoft for selecting us but to the people at Comcast who really brought this to life. If I listed everyone’s names it would read like an Oscar award transcript, but suffice to say this has been a multi-year effort with people from (literally) every function in the company coming together to make it come to life technically and practically in the lives of our customers. Thanks everyone. Great work.

Turning my attention back to you, our customers, I’d be delighted to hear stories about how you’re using our Microsoft Communications Services to make your business better or more productive. As ever, I’d also like to hear your input on we can make the product better (or do a better job servicing the product that’s already deployed). The award is great, but I’ve no illusions that everything is perfect. What can we do better?

Thanks and, again, congrats to everyone at Comcast for receiving this award.