Customers who are blind or have low vision often find themselves reliant on family members to navigate the program guide while watching TV, or remain stuck in the ancient "channel up, channel down" paradigm, wading through a sea of content with little context.

Today, Comcast demonstrated the nation’s first talking cable TV interface at the 2013 Cable Show. Designed to enable people who are blind or who have low vision to navigate the on-screen set top box menus—including OnDemand and the linear program guide—the new feature sets the stage for an unmatched level of access to Xfinity TV. Currently in development, this new feature will be integrated into X2, the next generation of Comcast’s X1 platform.

The ability to navigate the program guide as the interface speaks channel names and numbers, time slots, and program details empowers customers to explore all that Xfinity TV has to offer.

We think this new feature will resonate with customers. In fact, during a recent Comcast Accessibility research interview, one customer noted, "A lot of people think that blind people only live with sighted people, but a lot of us live on our own. We’d love to be able to control our entertainment like anybody else….Nothing beats sitting on your couch with a remote control in your hand, watching TV."

Comcast’s new talking TV interface will deliver that essential TV experience to millions of blind or low vision customers.