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XFINITY TV's Next-Gen X1 Platform: The Future of Television

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Developed by some of the most creative and forward-thinking leaders at Comcast Labs, the technology and innovation arm of the company, X1 is a first of its kind entertainment platform that seamlessly merges entertainment with the rest of your life. Utilizing advancements made possible by the cloud and Comcast’s extensive technology network, X1 combines customized apps, social media features and traditional video services to deliver a personalized and dynamic TV entertainment experience. 

X1 gives users an incredible array of options to connect in ways you may never have imagined. Through X1, your TV is connected to your tablet, your smartphone is connected to your recorded shows and your DVR is connected to your daily calendar. And access to your favorite shows, movies and content is available across more devices and platforms. You can now set up a series recording through your smartphone, sync your personal calendar with your DVR’d programs, get recommendations for programming you’ll want to watch On Demand — and the list goes on. All of this is made incredibly easy through X1’s sleek user interface that integrates your videos and provides one-click access to a variety of entertainment options. You can also use a companion X1 remote control app to control your TV experience through a handheld iPhone or iPod touch.

X1 is part of Comcast’s ongoing and evolving effort to take advantage of the latest technology and our large-scale network to bring new innovation and features to market as quickly as possible. It is not just a new way to be entertained, but a giant leap in delivering a smarter, richer and a more personalized user experience that will revolutionize TV.

In addition, Comcast just announced  an upgrade to the X1 interface,, which includes a new customizable dashboard and unified multiplatform content that learns preferences and becomes smarter over time. This new platform release will be available to customers in early 2014.

As of January, 2014, X1 is available in 100% of the Comcast footprint.

For additional insight on the innovative X1 experience, visit www.xfinity.com/x1