Xfinity Mobile Rolls Out Feature Allowing Customers to Find Their Phone Using X1 Voice Remote

Xfinity Mobile today announced the introduction of Phone Finder, a new feature that leverages the X1 voice remote to call Xfinity Mobile smartphones in the home – solving the common problem of locating your lost phone inside your home.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the power of integrating Xfinity Mobile with our other Xfinity products,” said Amaya Capellan, Senior Director of Product Management and Customer Experience for Xfinity Mobile. “We continue to focus on simplifying entertainment and connectivity in and out of the home, and Phone Finder is a great example of that. 

Looking ahead, we plan to enable more experiences for our customers including automatic set up of Xfinity Mobile phones on xFi, as well as device delivery notifications on the best screen in the house with X1.

To use Phone Finder, Xfinity Mobile customers need to follow these simple steps:

Say, “Xfinity Mobile, find my phone,” or if you have multiple lines, “Xfinity Mobile, find Sam’s phone.” The personalization built into the buy flow allows the customer to attach each family member to their specific phone number.
Users can also search by a 10-digit phone number.
The phone number is then called and pre-recorded audio from “Xfinity Mobile” informs the user why they’re receiving a phone call.

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