Xfinity Mobile is number one in customer satisfaction among full service wireless providers according to the 2019-2020 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®)*. Having just celebrated our third anniversary on May 16th, this is a proud moment for the Xfinity Mobile team and we’re delighted that our 2 million customers are enjoying the service and seeing the value.

From day one, our strategy has been to provide Xfinity Internet customers with a simple and flexible service designed to save them money. This customer-first approach continues to be our north star and is the motivation behind everything we do. The ACSI rating is a validation that the strategy we worked incredibly hard to build and execute over the past few years is resonating with our customers.

This is our first appearance on the ACSI and our score of 79 is the highest rating among all post-paid providers in the industry. Our Xfinity Mobile app is also rated as the best in the industry* and the network we rely on for cellular connectivity is top-rated in Network Quality.

These results demonstrate that no other provider puts customers in control like Xfinity Mobile, and that our approach is resonating. We let our customers decide how they want to pay for cellular data – by the gig or unlimited. And based on those two straightforward options you can mix and match data options based on your family’s unique needs and switch any line between data options anytime through the app. When combined with the ability to access millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots for free, Xfinity Mobile customers can save hundreds of dollars per year on their wireless bills.

We’ve grown from a few thousand employees trialing our service in 2017 to more than two million customers in just three years. Today’s ACSI results are a great start, but we’re always looking for ways to improve. Connectivity has never been more important, and our commitment to delivering the best possible experience for our customers is unwavering.

*Compared to measured full-service providers in the 2020 American Customer Satisfaction Index® (ACSI) survey of customers rating their own wireless service provider’s performance.