We’re introducing a new partner to the Xfinity Home smart home ecosystem to continue to help our customers stay safe and simplify their lives. Now, connected devices from Leviton, the country’s most respected lighting provider, can be seamlessly integrated into the Xfinity Home experience.

Customers can use Leviton’s Decora Zigbee light switches, dimmers, and plug-in modules to create scenes, schedules and rules for their homes. They can schedule the lights to turn on around the time someone comes home from work, turn the lights on at dark so it looks like someone is home while on vacation, dim the lights while watching a movie, or can even use the X1 Voice Remote to turn the lights on when it’s dark or turn them off at bedtime.

There are a lot of smart technologies out there but integrating them into the home can be overwhelming. When done correctly, the National Council for Home Safety and Security says that 57 percent of Americans found that having smart home products saves them 30 minutes a day.

That’s why we have worked incredibly hard to make the integration process for Leviton, and our other partners, super easy for our customers using the Xfinity Home app. Our very simple pairing process eliminates the need to download a new app or create new accounts for each individual smart device. And X1 customers can even use their voice remotes to control their entire home’s lighting, thermostats and cameras. We’re committed to breaking down these obstacles for smart home adoption – and that’s one of the many reasons why we were named CNET’s best professionally installed home security system.

To that end, we’re also constantly integrating new partners into our “Works with Xfinity” ecosystem so we can offer our customers even more solutions that help simplify their lives. Leviton is the latest, and we’ll continue to add more in the future. Check out Leviton and our other partners on Xfinity.com or in the Xfinity Home app.