Last fall, Xfinity X1 customers picked up their remotes and cast their votes for their favorite artists on The Voice  right on the TV. X1 was one of the top voting methods last season, so we are thrilled to bring it back this season with a few new features to make it even easier for customers to cast a vote.

Starting Monday, X1 customers will now be able to use their voice remote to vote for any eligible artist by saying, “Vote for [insert name]” and confirming their choice on the TV enabling them to quickly and easily cast their vote for their favorite artist in just two steps. X1 customers will also be able to cast up to ten votes per artist during the broadcast, on par with the show’s other voting methods.

The ability for customers to vote using their remote is made possible by the X1 platform’s ability to leverage deep metadata or information about what’s happening in a given scene at a given moment, such as which artists are performing on The Voice. After a customer casts a vote (and/or votes) on X1, each interaction gets passed over to NBC’s official voting partner Telescope to ensure they’re tallied alongside votes from other platforms.

Comcast has been an innovator in this area through features like DVR Sports Highlights, and our deep content metadata capabilities were recently boosted by Comcast's strategic acquisition of Watchwith, the industry’s leading deep content metadata technology platform.

We are also excited to extend the reach of these advanced interactive features to our X1 syndication partner Cox this season, bringing this innovative experience to millions more throughout the U.S. and demonstrating the scalability of X1 and its IP-based platform.

To vote on X1, tune in to 'The Voice' on Mondays/Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.