Each year, X1 curates a dedicated destination spotlighting the films that have competed for and received Hollywood’s highest honor along with offering a host of companion extras delighting movie and award show fans alike.

This year, customers will find even more complementary Oscar content integrated within the experience as well as notice some ways we’ve made it easier for them to navigate and enjoy it all.

Our X1 editorial team has rolled out a few new ways customers can navigate and discover just what they’re looking for among the 700+ titles available within the destination, including the ability to see only the films they can view free as part of their subscription. They’ll also find a new “Nominees by the Numbers” category if they’re interested in the most-nominated films, as well as an “If You Like this, Watch that” option to give our customers some additional titles to check out based on which nominated film they are a fan of.

Also returning this year will be fun voice remote surprises. To access the experience on X1, customers can say “Movies” into their X1 Voice Remote or navigate to the tile in the Xfinity on Demand menu.

A key addition to X1’s immersive Olympics and Super Bowl experiences, playlists, via the Pandora and YouTube apps on X1, will also make a cameo in the Awards destination, this time for customers who want to listen to music from the nominated films right on the TV. Additional YouTube playlists within the experience will highlight key moments in award show history and include nominations announcements, speeches, monologues and more.