Crew members riding a pickup truck shooting a scene for 'The Fall Guy'.

Universal Pictures 'The Fall Guy' Leans Into Sustainability

While Colt Seavers is no stranger to chaos on his film sets, in real life the team behind Universal’s The Fall Guy was much more intentional with their behavior behind the scenes when it came to sustainability. The film was awarded the Environmental Media Association Gold Seal, the highest rating given by the organization for sustainable production practices.

During filming, the crew partnered with GMC, using an electric Hummer as one of their main picture cars featured in the film’s climactic sequence and handling all of the action without missing a beat. Other fuel and energy saving efforts included a hybrid basecamp generator, which burns about 75% less diesel than a conventional generator, and the majority of set lighting was energy efficient LED.

Mindful of food and material waste throughout production, more than 1,400 meals were donated to those in need through Oz Harvest and over 15 metric tons of set materials and props were distributed to local charities and community initiatives.

On ‘The Fall Guy’, the goal for us is to try to be as thoughtful as possible, all the way from development to post. It’s important for the film industry to be leaders in the sustainability conversation.
Kelly McCormick
Executive Producer

87North Productions continues to partner closely with Universal’s GreenerLight program, focused on incorporating sustainability throughout the filmmaking process.