Tom Loretan, Senior Vice President and Executive Creative Director, User Experience and Product Design, sits on a window sill.
Employee Spotlight

Tom Loretan: Speaking our Design Language

Tom Loretan leads the team that designs Comcast’s award-winning products and user experiences. He is the master of Comcast’s “Design Language” and how it shapes our products and services. For more detail about the design team and Comcast’s design language visit

Q: First off … what is a “Design Language” and why is it so important to product design in general?

A: A design language can also be thought of as the common thread that is woven into each product and experience. It brings a brand to life, establishing the foundation and provides continuity between each product. It fosters consistency, which makes it easy for our customers to understand and appreciate the products. This is what makes a really impactful brand experience.

Q: How does your team define and create its unique design language?

A: We want to design products that take complex problems and turn them into anxiety-free experiences. We have an evolving product personality, we have partners throughout the organization and we listen to our customers. All of this informs our guiding set of principles which our designers use to get up and running very quickly. From here, they can develop and enhance experiences that seamlessly fit into our entire ecosystem.

Q: How does technology impact our design language?

A: I think technology has challenged designers and designers have challenge technologists. And that has made both technology and design better. It’s really a symbiotic relationship that allows us to create completely new experiences that we know our customers will love.

Q: Is design language a collaborative effort?

A: Absolutely. The design language is everybody’s manual. The reason we publish our design language is not just for a designer's reference, but it’s a way for everyone to see how we’re thinking, how we’re translating the essence of our brand into our products … always with the customer at the center.