Wireless services have come a long way in the last decade, but they were never really designed for today’s data-centric mobile user. Consumers are spending too much time worrying about what plan is right for them, hidden charges, being punished for using too much data, or finding Wi-Fi hotspots to reduce their reliance on cellular data.

We set out to change all that with Xfinity Mobile. We knew that we wouldn’t appeal to consumers by only relying on the conventional differentiation of network, price or devices. Instead, we had to make the product the experience, and the experience the product.

Our Framework

Our mission was simple: build a wireless service with the customer at the center of the experience. To do so we used an innovation framework that analyzed four key areas of insights: technology trends, industry standards, competition and key consumer behaviors. We compiled a list of “white spaces” – areas of opportunity – and asked ourselves which of them will fundamentally change consumer behavior.

This process informed how we would build the experience and four key experience pillars emerged: simplicity, transparency, peace of mind, and the human element. Even today, these serve as a lighthouse for everything we do. Using this framework, we built Xfinity Mobile from the ground up with a clean sheet design that truly puts the modern mobile user first.

Simplicity – Effortless and spontaneous feel without confusing choices.

To deliver a simple service, we had to break industry conventions and change the way consumers interact with our product. We built the entire Xfinity Mobile experience around digital-first interactions. A customer can buy a device online in less than two minutes. When they receive their phone, they can activate it in three simple clicks at home on their own time. Thanks to this simple path to purchase, about 50 percent of our sales volume goes through the digital channel. Much of our life is lived online, and the way we set up and use our phones should be no different.

Transparency – A service with no mysteries, making interactions honest and predictable.

We created our service without gimmicks or hidden costs. We have no line access fees, and don’t charge a penalty for changing your data plan. We offer two straightforward options: Unlimited for $45, and By the Gig where you pay only for the data you use for $12 per GB. On Unlimited, speeds are reduced to 1.5 Mbps at 20 GB of cellular data, which the vast majority of our customers don’t use. For those who do, 1.5 Mbps is fast enough to stream video. Our service model is optimized to make sure consumers understand what they’re paying for and what they’re getting in return.

Peace of Mind – A service that adapts to customers’ ever-changing needs, at every touchpoint.

In mobile, one size does not fit all. Our plan gives consumers peace of mind because its flexible enough to meet their personal or family needs. More than 50 percent of our customers have chosen By the Gig, confirming there was a gap in the market. Customers only pay for the data they consume and we make switching between plans seamless. Need more data in a month? Pop open the Xfinity Mobile app, switch to Unlimited and we’ll wipe your data usage and you’ll only pay $45 that month. It’s the ultimate price protection. We are the only major carrier that allows customers to mix-and-match different service plans on one account.

Human – An experience empowered by feedback, and seamless support with language that’s conversational.

A big part of putting the customer first is designing and building a product based in the reality of how humans actually use technology, not what an engineer or marketer wants. We know our customers love Wi-Fi – in fact, 80 percent of all mobile device traffic travels over it. So, we designed the service to automatically connect to our massive Wi-Fi network of 19 million hotspots that saves customers money by offloading data. When customers need help, we believe it’s more convenient to just send a text message. So, customers can text us their questions and on-call specialists will quickly help troubleshoot issues 24 hours a day.

By prioritizing simplicity, transparency, peace of mind and the human element, we’re delivering a better wireless experience for less money and it’s resonating. We ended 2017 with 380,000 customer lines and real momentum. As consumer habits and expectations in this digital era continue to evolve, we are more committed than ever to standing up for users and advancing a more customer-centric mobile experience.

Rui Costa is the Vice President of Product Management and Customer Experience for Xfinity Mobile, a new wireless service from Comcast.