Leveraging open-source projects to build cloud native technologies was a big focus of the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Leadership Summit 2018 last month. The event also featured deep discussions of containers, and an initiative to enhance diversity in open source communities.

We were honored to be able to participate in this year’s Open Source Leadership Summit, an intimate event where people from across multiple global open source communites gather to collaborate and share ideas.

One topic that drew a lot of attention was the formation of the CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics Open Source Software) project.

Matt Germonprez, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Daniel Izquierdo, Chief Data Officer, Bitergia, and Nicole Huesman, Developer and Community Advocate, Intel Corporation, presented on the diversity and inclusion that is taking place courtesy of the efforts of the CHAOSS project. Together they discussed the work being done with respect to the open source diversity and inclusion reports relationship between these reports and the CHAOSS project, and methods by which other open source projects could generate reports of their own.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) also played a critical role at the Open Source Leadership Summit. Recently, the umbrella organization that is responsible for housing and integrating several open source projects announced the addition of 24 new members to its roster. We are excited to be a relatively new member of this flourishing community and to help advance cloud native computing efforts. Some of the popular projects that CNCF houses and integrates include Prometheus and Kubernetes.

The Open Source Leadership Summit endeavors to help in fostering innovation, and helps organizations that participate in developing open technology to find the right projects to contribute to and lend a helping hand. Currently, the Linux Foundation hosts over 100 of some of the most critical open-source projects globally.