Sophia Ahmad
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Sophia Ahmad: How to Seek Employers That Value Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Sophia Ahmad: How to Seek Employers That Value Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Chief Marketing Officer at Xfinity Consumer Services, Sophia Ahmad is the driving force behind Xfinity’s brand marketing strategy and execution and has helped create compelling marketing campaigns that focus on customer centricity. Ahmad sat down for an interview with NBC News’ Know Your Value platform where she discussed the best ways for women to find employers that prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Read excerpts below from her interview to learn more.

Q: How can women who are seeking employers that value diversity, equity and inclusion find out who is genuine and the right fit for their careers?

A: Look beyond the website, ask smart questions and talk to as many people as you can. Vet the company. It’s just as important as them vetting you.

Q: How can women find employers that are genuinely dedicated to inclusivity?

A: It can be as simple as: ‘I read about your diversity initiatives on your website. Can you tell me about how that comes to life?’ If the person you’re interviewing with can’t say they personally truly believe in this value, or it isn’t their area, that can be a problem. If I want to hire someone, I’d love for them to ask me that. That gives both of us a much better chance of ensuring this is the right fit.

Q: What’s another way to ensure employers are dedicated to DE&I?

A: In coming to Comcast one of the things that was important to me was that we had different types of people – not necessarily in how they looked, but in terms of perspectives. I liked this attitude of ‘Everyone bring your point of view, and we can work through things together.’

A team where everyone absolutely agrees with everything and nods along at every comment would not excite me. It shows there’s no opportunity to grow, and I don’t have interest in that.

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