If you’re only going to go to one open source conference each year, the Free Open Source Developers’ European Meeting (FOSDEM) is a solid choice, particularly since it’s completely free to attend. At FOSDEM 2019 last month, Comcast Open Source Director Nithya Ruff discussed the value of open source offices like hers in helping enterprises get the greatest value from their open source efforts.

FOSDEM is a huge event (more than 8,000 attendees this year) and Nithya was actually there to keynote CHAOSSCon, one of several open-source events that co-locate with FOSDEM each year. CHAOSSCon is all about metrics and making sure the open-source community has the best tools available to understand and improve the performance of open source technology. Her talk focused specifically on how open source offices can use metrics to track program help and accelerate innovation.

It was one of several Comcast talks at CHAOSSCon, and thanks to some helpful volunteers, you can check them out here:

At another co-located event, the TODO Group Meeting, members of the TODO Group community, Comcast team included, kicked off the group’s European Chapter, and launched into a lively discussion about open source licensing, compliance, and of course, metrics.

This was our team’s first time attending FOSDEM and it blew away our expectations.  There’s tons of detail available online, and we hope to see you at FOSDEM next year.